Monday, May 10, 2010




~(pictured above) i haven't had to use an alarm in years. i wake when my two come climb into bed with me. every single morning, flanked by my little loves, hayden sweetly demands to 'nuggle me!'

~ the bracelet the girls picked out for me at a garage sale. i might wear it forever.

~ leaving a message on my mom's answering machine. whoops, i stink. sorry, mom!

~ abbey's first time singing with the primary at church. she was...the loud one, ha ha.

~ justin asking abbey to help me clean up her playroom to which she replied, "I already told her 'Happy Mother's Day."

~ celebrating with paul, melody, and cousin dave. and not knowing who should do the dishes since it was mother's day, justin's birthday dinner, and paul and dave's actual birthday.

~feeling so much love and support in this chosen job of mine. i am so grateful to have a family and church who value the role of motherhood.


The Hodsons said...

I am also in love with the baby alarm clock. It's a so much nicer way of waking up! Happy Mother's Day Ashley!

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweet sister. You're an incredible mom. Those are two lucky, lucky little gals. said...

this could be the cutest mom's day photo ever.

i love that they bought you a bracelet at a g sale.

and i double love the sassy excuse to get out of cleaning. classic.