Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wrap It Up

Dominica was the one day we decided to do a cruise excursion. Everything else we set up on our own or figured out once we got there. But we were so happy with this one--we went on a tubing excursion through the jungle. Then they fed us an authentic meal (beans and rice, Justin's favorite) and took us to this waterfall in the rain forest (where it did, indeed, rain on us).

Have you ever tried to swim into a waterfall? It's surprisingly difficult, I could barely breathe. But it was awesome. Afterwards, I said I felt like I was having a panic attack without the panic.


Last stop: St Thomas. I was pretty stingy about when I'd take my camera along. (Which explains why it looks like I wore the same thing all week...) Most days I wanted to just enjoy the island without the liability and worry of the camera (which has counted for two birthdays and a Christmas so far :) ) But I was so glad I had it in St Thomas, I wanted it every time I turned around.




the gang's all here: justin, ashley, bobby, katherine, melody, and paul

{justin and i argued over who contributed most to this incredibly awkward pose the two of us are doing...feel free to weigh in}



Most Delicious: I'd say it was these banana daiquiris we had on the mountain top, but we collectively ate close to 88 ounces of delicious steak that night! Justin should have his picture on the wall of that restaurant for his impressive eating skills which included no less than 2 appetizers, 1 salad, 22 ounces of meat, 2 lobster tails, and 2 desserts. It was the last night of our trip, so his stomach was well trained by then.

Contender for Best Moment of the Cruise: So there we are, snorkeling around in St Thomas. Boom--sea turtle. Boom, boom, boom, more sea turtles! Boom, sting ray! I was already content with my snorkeling experience when we came across all this. Earlier, Melody and I swam around with a huge school of fish. I felt like a little kid, just swimming wherever the school took us. But those turtles! So sweet. We met this girl out in the ocean who had an underwater camera and took some of us swimming and holding the turtles (and swimming a healthy ten feet away from the ray, thankyouverymuch).



Funniest Moment: One night Justin was one of six people to get hypnotized. Man, if I could watch that every night, I would never have to do an ab work out ever again. I wish we could have taped the whole thing, but Katherine caught this at the end. The guy hypnotized them to shout "I LOVE YOU!" if anyone said his name, Joshua Sant, even after they were awake and out of hypnosis. So we walked Justin over by another girl who'd been hypnotized and tested it:


Jessica said...

these are all so great. I love Paul with his purse in the last group photo.

You look great, as always.

hayley said...

I am loving these pictures!!!! The colors are amazing. It's funny I used to get bugged with scenery pictures and now I crave them:)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, a murse! I didn't even notice!

Nolan and Corie said...

Wow, what an amazing trip! Incredible pics of you guys with the turtles. So, would you recommend a cruise? I've never been on one, but I've pondered it a few times. It looks like you guys had a great time. And good for you for treating yourselves - you deserved it, I'm sure, and it's always great to have hubby/wife time away from the kiddos. Great pics!

allegra said...

funny about the awkward pose. i think every couple has a handful of those:)!!

i'm so glad you got to treat yourselves ash. well deserved, despite what you say. well deserved.

you look so beautiful in all your photos. i forget you have blue eyes? i have have been away from you too long, i suppose. i love the combo of brown hair, blue eyes. it's striking-- oh, i miss you little smash!

and i must say justin with his snorkeling gear made me laugh out loud. honestly. because it brought me back to sophomore year howl. hmm, i wonder why? ! memories, memories.

good luck packing and with the move. i know it can be stressful. hang in there. i'm right there with you sister!


Angie said...

Okay so for the awkward pose, I think that was all Justin...I love the pictures. It looks like you guys had so much fun!