Saturday, July 5, 2008

Favorite 4th Quip

So you can buy fireworks here. I mean fireworks. The kind that are illegal back home. The kind that people drive over the border and only get one or two because the police will be at their house pretty quick if you set off much more.

We got home last night and realized we could see six different firework shows from our deck. Afterwards, I was sitting inside taking care of Hayden when I heard J start laughing. He was listening to the kids across the street set off their awesome fireworks when one yelled 'Oh (expletive)! The tree's on fire!' Then he laughed even harder when the fire trucks showed up.

I, however, was not laughing when they were still setting them off around 11:30. But what the hey,
Happy 4th of July!


Jill said...

That is too funny, glad you had a good fourth. I love your girls pictures in the post bellow by the way!

allegra said...

i'll trade ya! i heard no action going on come 9 pm. it just didn't feel right w/out the screaming kids.

poor tree:)

huh? just noticed on your sidebar the admiral has a blog now? sweet. i wish i knew alanna better. she seems way cool.

katie, dave, lucille said...

i love the story! That's so funny. We had some friends who brought some fireworks that easily could have been included in the city's fireworks. It was hysterical. I felt like we were doing something totally illegal. How he got the fireworks, we don't know. But we had the best after-fireworks-show.
It was so fun to see you the other night. Let's do it again soon. Have a great week!

Allison & Noah Riley said...