Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tree Trimmins

A while ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she said that for every ounce of creativity you possess, you probably have a pound of crazy. I loved that! Unfortunately, I am practical to a fault. Seriously. Annoyingly practical. And I'm not saying that as a backwards way of giving myself a compliment, I wish I was more spontaneous and right-brained. J and I are the worst decision makers because we think about every option, everything that might come up, and then throw in the time value of money. And my favorite computer program is Excel. So I don't think I have very many ounces of creativity. But I've become pretty good at stealing ideas. Here are the projects for Abbey's tree:

Garland idea I stole from Emily's blog:

Ornament ideas I stole from Martha (true to my scrappy nature, I had to involve cute, Christmas scrapbook paper somehow):
Adorable ornaments I stole from Hobby Lobby. Just kidding!!! I paid, but not a lot, woo woo Hobby Lobby:
Our neighbors let us have their big, beautiful, fake Christmas tree so our skinny one is going in Abbey's room. I regret the fake tree thing. My cousins go snowmobiling in the mountains every year to cut down their own tree. I am instituting that tradition as soon as I get some snow. And some mountains. And some snowmobiles.

The big tree was decorated with no love. Just store bought ornaments over the years. And the bottom third is empty after Abbey crushed an ornament in her fist (Hercules, Hercules). No cuts though, luckily. I do love these gold branches and berries.
The first Christmas we were married, my mother-in-law was having an Open House to sell her Christmas designs and decorations. It is one of my favorite memories at their house because the whole place was decorated to the nines and every room had at least two or three beautifully decorated Christmas trees. The house smelled delicious and we made tons of treats for her customers. The best part was she said I could go into the shop and pick anything I wanted. Anyway, this is what I picked and they always remind me of my first Christmas with the Paces.


kelly said...

Love, LOVE, lOvE the cookie cutter ornaments.
I may be stealing that one from you!
And, I also loved the quote about ounce of creativity equalling a pound of crazy.
I think it's true. Just look at anyone you know that is creative...or Van Gogh (did I spell that right?)

rebecca said...

I love all of your tree decorations :) And just get used to having either less ornaments on the bottom of the tree for awhile if they are dangerous or all of the ornaments on the bottom of the tree when she starts decorating it :)

emily said...

no fir if you to get an idea from MY blog, actually DO it, and leave all my good intentions in the dust.


That said , i LOVE the color scheme and theme of her tree. Cute job, you!!

allegra said...

i have to agree with the quote you found about the corellation (sp?) between crazies and craftiness. just look at martha! :) her crative mind obviously backfired when she unwillingly became a jailbird. oh martha...oh well...

allegra said...

duh. forgot to mention YOUR crafts! they look awesome. I bet Abbey just loves her little tree. You better watch out, though.. you're turning all crafty on me. i don't need another crazy friend. I have enough of those:) .. LOL.

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Ash, I LOVE these decrorations! When I have a kid, I am so decorating her room with cute Christmas ideas. Now I just need a kid. And cute Christmas ideas.

The ounce of creativity - pound of crazy... how I WISH I had had that quote during the AP Lit exam in high school. That's exactly the claim we were suppossed to agree with, refute or qualify - about true artists and their propensity to be wackos. (More or less.) I would have loved to work in a quote that called them crazies :)

Melody said...

I'm stuck under a heavy pile of crazy... Does that mean i'm pretty creative?? ;)
Love love love your cute ornaments!
Watch your mail box because I think I have an addition that is going to really work. :)
Merry Christmas!

Ashley said...

Yes, sorry, Mel. You are the most creative person I know. But your craziness is SO endearing :)

emily said...

(edit: "No FAIR", not "no FIR". Dumb me.)