Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's a Gimmick

While playing with Justin's hand today I noticed one of his nails was quite shiny and smooth. I started giggling, knowing the same Israeli worker at the Sea Beauty kiosk at the mall had snagged him for the demonstration I got two weeks ago. (My nail is still shiny and smooth, by the way.)

J told me the lady, in broken english, was saying 'Oh yeah, works great. You can even wash your hands! This is a gimmick!' J asked 'What do you mean by that?' She asked him if she was saying it right. He said 'yeah.'

For all you kiosk workers:
gimmick |╦łgimik| noun: a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business

Welcome to America. And I think the schpill worked, which is good. I did kind-of want that buffer thing.


kelly said...

Funny. That reminds me of when I told Josh that the Power Ranger show he loves to watch is hokey.
He said, "Does hokey mean cool?"
Me: Yes, yes it does.

Melody said...

ha ha, no fooling you Ash! J didn't know what hit him. :)