Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's The Final Countdown

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Let the countdown begin! Seven days until The Office premier. Yes, I am
that excited. I feel like The Office is to me what Mash and Cheers were to my parents. Bleh, Mash. My mom likes to share how she went into labor while watching Mash. And 23 years ago today, that baby waiting to come and blow this world away little sis, Allison!

Happy Birthday Allison!

Nice segue, huh? Well, you're lucky your birthday happened to start off my countdown! :)


Allison Riley said...

"The Final Countdown" would have been an EVEN sweeter title for a blog post about Arrested Development making its triumphant return. But that's not happening - as far as I know - boo.

And thank you! I'm stoked that the day of my birth made the blog!

jayne said...

Yeah for the Office! We got introduced and addicted this summer. Shawn said after watching all 3 seasons he doesn't have time to watch tv this year--------except for the office. And Grey's.

Ashley said...

You stinker. I read your post too quickly and thought they were bringing Arrested Development back. How is it that this show is off the air? I know so many die hard fans. How is it that shows like The OC stay on so long and classics like Arrested Development go too quickly. We should start a petition.

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Allison!!!

Hip Hip Hooray for the return of the Office. I can't wait to see how Pam and Jim's date goes and to find out what Karen's reaction was when she realized Jim left her stranded in NYC!

I'm pathetic.

val said...

What's up with this photo? It's awesome. We too are Office fans. It's sad that we've eaten lunch and dinner in front of the TV this whole week watching the first two seasons. We are pathetic. I heart Jim.

Jill said...

Happy b-day Ashley's lil sis. I love the office YAY for the return of good TV