Thursday, June 14, 2007


For the past two years I've been working with the Young Women in our ward and I love it. The girls here are awesome and so sweet. They really stand up for themselves and what they believe in even when there's so much pressure at their high school to do differently. Anyway, last night we were planning skits for their upcoming Girl's Camp and it got me thinking about my great experiences. My ward was a little high maintenance so our Youth Conferences and Girls Camps were at Seven Peaks and Bear Lake. But we still had the camping experience; at least the girls did. The leaders stayed in a souped up camper :) I hope one of them comes across this blog one day, we gave them the hardest time about that. I loved camp: pineapple salad food fights, hobo dinners, and...snipe hunting!

Our snipes were said to look like eewoks, have glowing eyes, and respond to clicking rocks together. Was I seriously that naive? I think they even made us put black makeup all over our faces and wear foul perfume to 'entice' the snipe. What were your snipes like?


Dan and Legs said...

um, yeah its ok you added my link. I added you a long time ago..that ok? Those pics made me laugh. first, you look soooo young! (barely 12 I'm guessing?) 2nd, I'm loving your cute, and toned.. little legs in the first picture, and lastly, I'm jealous you're in YW. I've been put in primary or nursery for the past 3 years. Not that I haven't loved it, but I'm needing a change:)

Ashley said...

Curses, I hated being a late bloomer. I was going into my senior of high school in these pictures! You met me the next summer at college :)

Jill said...

Fun, I love girls camp. Every ward I am in I tell them I want to be in YW so I can go to girls camp again.

JC said...

How in the world do you guys manage to look so cute with chocolate on your lips? I wish I would have gone snipe hunting with everyone but never did.

Julie C.