Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here Comes the Sun

We gave in and bought a new camera this week. If you look at the lemon pictures below, you'll see the weird lines through the pictures--what a tragedy. Justin agreed that poor picture quality will not do for our growing baby so we got this new one for Mother's Day.

So Melody and I took the kiddos to campus to try it out. Here are some of my favorite shots. I have so much to learn about this camera, so hopefully you'll see improvement as time goes on. It can do SO much. These were a few of my favorites of the day.

We wanted to head to the wading pools, but as you can see, K-ville was experiencing 'inclement weather', so they were all closed. Who's in charge of making that decision? It was like 90 degrees in the afternoon. Luckily, Katherine never minds when I invite myself over to her wading pool :)

Here's a pic of our little beach babies.


Barbara Catron said...

Pics look great. What kind of camera did you get? Look at Abby she's walking! That must be so fun, I cant wait till Austin can walk. I love the picture with Abby & that lil blondie holding onto her lil' ear. lol so cute.

jayne said...

What cute babies! Thank goodness for summertime fun in the sun so we don't go stir crazy!

Jill said...

I like your new camera.. and I love the pics!

Katherine said...

You got that right! We love having friends over in the pool!

Melody said...

I think it's halarious that the two picks of Eirik make him out to be a little ear grabbing, screaming monster. Well, I guess it's a bit true, he would rather grab ears and (behinds uh, um,) then hug.
What a fun day that was!