Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Number Four.

"It's like you're drowning and someone hands you a baby."

Just kidding, I actually have been most baby hungry for this one.  After EIGHT negative pregnancy tests I had taken the two weeks prior, the morning sickness hit me like a train one Sunday morning and I knew that it was a girl.  I haven't had an inclination before, but man...my girl pregnancies have been painfully similar.  I usually keep it secret longer, but we saw so many family and friends over the summer and it is difficult to hide the constant vomiting and general look of malaise so a lot of you knew already.  But!  The 'morning' sickness is over and we are adding another girl to the crew and are truly thrilled.  It did take me some time to tell myself all the reasons Bennett is lucky to be the only boy, but I think it is going to be perfect.  He will be one adored little man by all the ladies in his life.  The girls put on the cutest 'Celebration Show' right after they found out (I hope that movie works, I wasn't having much success on my computer).  They wrote songs to welcome her and tell her how it would be in our family.  I know.  Adorable.

 photo 7447perfectalabaster_zpsaa3f1306.jpg

They dressed Bennett up so he could participate.  Another girl?  Whatevs.

 photo 7459_zpsd77d8053.jpg


Nicole said...

Congratulations! I didn't notice that you looked under-the-weather last summer. You know, for the three uninterrupted seconds that I talked to you. It's going to be great. Really, so happy for all of you.

(Jim Gaffigan did say it's like drowning and someone throwing you a baby, BUT he also said that each child has made him a better person. :))

Alisa and Crowells said...

Oh how exciting!!! The slide show was ADORABLE. What was in the center of that amazing cake?! Did you make that, Mrs. Confectioner? LoVeD Abbey's flamenco dress...and how Bennett was all into the show. Keep making these darling kiddos of yours--they are most lovely.

val said...

My dad has three sisters and is the only boy and he is one amazing, sensitive, incredible person. We both know how magical girls are. Glad you are feeling better and can be excited instead of feeling gross. This babe is lucky to be coming to your family. Xoxo

Emily S. said...

Congrats, lady!!! You will rock this!!

Natalie said...

Congratulations! Your family is truly adorable and your talent amazes me-- what a fun presentation! I'm glad you are feeling better.
How's Dallas?
We need to catch up ASAP

hayley said...

Congratulations!! You guys make beautiful little girls!! Here we are opposites again, me all boys and one girl, haha. I must tell you how amazing you are-the way you write, your photography, you are truly inspiring!