Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Hayden Baby turns FOUR today!  This past year you:

Started preschool
Endlessly tormented your brother
Eventually grew out of tormenting your brother
Moved on to learning Abbey's hot buttons
Started an obsession with baking
Learned how to write your name
Talked about your birthday at least 3-4 times a week
Went into Sunbeams at church (but sit with Abbey's class every Sunday)
Learned to duck your head under water and swim a few feet


On Thursdays we drive to Abbey's school to help out in the afternoons.  Her classmates love you and you just soak it in.  I can tell in your face how special it makes you feel.  

Your memory surprises me sometimes and you'll say the funniest things.  The other night, Abbey asked what we should do if there is an earthquake.  You said, most seriously, 'Don't Move.  Stay Calm.'  Oh, you crack me up.  You just ran in, shook Bennett's shoulders, then said, "I wish I was a door frame."  What?!  I assume this is a leftover thought from our earthquake conversation a few nights ago.

This year rocked you a bit with the arrival of the new dude.  I didn't know how to make it better for you, but you finally accepted it a few months ago :)  Now you insist on sitting next to him in the car and holding his hand for the ride. I'm so glad you warmed up to him.


You are such a rock star. You are getting so good at negotiating, problem solving, and compromise.  You explain your feelings so well and usually listen to what someone else wants.  Yesterday in the car, you and Abbey got in an argument about where you would sit when we go to her school today.  (School will be out for the summer before Abbey's birthday, so she convinced her teacher to let us bring treats on your birthday instead :) )  Anyway, she wants you to sit by her the whole time and you want to sit by another little girl in class.  It took about ten minutes, but I let you guys argue it out and just stepped in to referee when it got heated, and eventually the two of you figured it out on your own.  You did great at explaining that you don't get to see these kids every day, so it is fun to sit with them when we go.  You came up with some plan that Abbey was happy with (amazingly--that girl was not budging!) then let her play with the new birthday present you had just received.  I was so proud of you!

You make us so happy, sweetheart.  I was looking over your quotes this year and these were some of my favorite:

 It's late but you took a nap today so we are letting you hang out while we get the house clean for the night.  You were chattering away and I said, "You have the cutest voice I've ever heard, where did you get such a cute voice?" and you said, "I don't know!  I have cute everything!" (Feb.2012)

You are sitting on my lap, acting a bit clingy and whiny.  I said, "Seems like you could use a nap, don't you think?"   You said, "Why would you say that to a woman who just doesn't know what to do?!" (Feb.2012)

I just finished snuggling you and Abbey and Abbey said, "I'm going to dream about my boyfriend!"  Then you, just as excitedly, said, "I'm going to dream about princesses and butterflies!!"  Love it.  Keep dreaming about that, no boyfriends! (Oct.2011)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday Is Just Right


 Saturday seems even more great after this lame night.  Maybe it is that Justin is back on call and I'm on my own.  Maybe it is because Hayden was mad we decided to play 'Memory', went to slam the door, and didn't realize Bennett's head was halfway through.  But now all the babes are sleeping and I'm getting some photoshop rejuvenation.

Anywho.  Saturday.  It ended up being one of those days where we had nothing on the schedule, but we headed out early and didn't come back until the kids were ready to crash right into bed.  Love those days!  J played some baseball, so happy dad.  The girls ended the night with ice cream, so happy children, of course.  I was feeling like I wanted to do a photoshoot with the kids, so happy mom.  One of them was not having it, can you guess which one?


 So, whatevs.  When we got back in the car, I said, "One nice thing about having three kids is that at least one of them is up for taking pictures if the others are being pills."  And surprise!  It was Hayden today--the one who typically has no interest.  I was happy about that.  And her new boots I picked up at the second-hand store--those also make me happy.

After a few stops, we wandered over to the fairy woods to build some houses:



As we were leaving, I was able to grab the two of them for a minute.  I stared at this picture for so long and got choked up seeing Abbey's protective arm and Hayden gently starting to hold her other hand.  Love these two, love that they are sisters.  I hope they figure out early how lucky they are to have each other.


The dude was crashed in the stroller but was looking rather handsome that morning, I think.