Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday Is Just Right


 Saturday seems even more great after this lame night.  Maybe it is that Justin is back on call and I'm on my own.  Maybe it is because Hayden was mad we decided to play 'Memory', went to slam the door, and didn't realize Bennett's head was halfway through.  But now all the babes are sleeping and I'm getting some photoshop rejuvenation.

Anywho.  Saturday.  It ended up being one of those days where we had nothing on the schedule, but we headed out early and didn't come back until the kids were ready to crash right into bed.  Love those days!  J played some baseball, so happy dad.  The girls ended the night with ice cream, so happy children, of course.  I was feeling like I wanted to do a photoshoot with the kids, so happy mom.  One of them was not having it, can you guess which one?


 So, whatevs.  When we got back in the car, I said, "One nice thing about having three kids is that at least one of them is up for taking pictures if the others are being pills."  And surprise!  It was Hayden today--the one who typically has no interest.  I was happy about that.  And her new boots I picked up at the second-hand store--those also make me happy.

After a few stops, we wandered over to the fairy woods to build some houses:



As we were leaving, I was able to grab the two of them for a minute.  I stared at this picture for so long and got choked up seeing Abbey's protective arm and Hayden gently starting to hold her other hand.  Love these two, love that they are sisters.  I hope they figure out early how lucky they are to have each other.


The dude was crashed in the stroller but was looking rather handsome that morning, I think.



Allison and Noah Riley said...

Be still my heart! How many comments can I leave saying how much I love these sweet kids? I love these sweet kids.

Natalie said...

Love the pictures! Those boots are to die for!!

allyn said...

I think I might drive to Michigan with my family and ask you to meet me in a nearby field so you can take pictures of my children and make them look romantic. These are so sweet. Hayden has really become a real girl, so tall and pretty. And love feelings for the sister pics.

Corie said...

Beautiful, as always! Your photography is so timeless and makes your life look like a fairy tale, even when it's not. I teared up at that picture of your girls, too. Sisters (or siblings in general) are such a wonderful blessing. Cute, cute kiddos, Ashley!

vonFRINKenhagen said...

Comments from strangers might be weird, but you have beautiful children! I am baffled at how your girls' hair gets done. I have a 3.5 year old who throws a huge fit if she sees a brush. Any tips of advice??

Ryan and Rikke said...

So it's been a while since I checked your blog, but I have to comment. Your family is so adorable! I can't get over how beautiful (and stylish) your little girls are! And your little man - so sweet! As always, I'm impressed with your photography skills. Maybe one day I'll get to be half as good as you are! And by the way, I love Hayden's boots. We have a pair for Ian and I smile every time he wears them.

vonFRINKenhagen said...

Hey - we do live in Texas! East Texas to be exact, near Tyler. I have lived here (Texas) my whole life, except the two years right out of college, when we moved to London(I am trying to recap the time spent via blog, so I won't forget.) Also lived in College Station (for college) and The Woodlands (a northern 'burb of Houston), but have travelled pretty much all over the state. It's not too bad, if you can stand the heat!

val said...

love those boots and esp the pics of the two sisters...they are so lucky to have each other. sisters are the greatest gift.
love to see your outings. such lovely scenery and LOVELY people.
miss you guys.