Wednesday, October 3, 2012



I joined the 13.1 bandwagon!  I really did not think my body could do this, but it did!  And it felt good!  My friend, Tawna, mentioned back in June that she and some friends were going to do it AND that it was in our favorite little lakeside town (in fact, the route goes past the house we've rented every summer).  I've never considered myself to be a runner, I'm more of a gym class and weight junkie.  But there is nothing like getting faster, going further, seeing improvement every week.  I loved it.  And I'm glad the training is done, it was a time commitment!

I finished in about 1 hour 53 minutes, which was much faster than I expected.  I was on a high until 12.9 miles when it started hailing.  I think it had been raining for a while, but I hadn't noticed.  I was freezing and famished when it was done.  They officially cancelled the race and started pulling people off the course pretty soon after I was done; I'm SO glad I was able to cross the finish line before that.  What a disappointment to go that far and not finish.

We pulled the kids out of school the day before to head across the state.  We stopped at an apple orchard along the way.  No apples this year, boo, but raspberries were still good for the pickin'.



Oh, that Bennett.  I do have other kids :)  They were busy, busy, busy playing on the pirate ship, castle, and zip line.  And all of them were filthy from the barn completely filled with corn.  This place was awesome.


 I am loving my kids ages and this fall weather.  We played hooky again this week and met Melody at the zoo on Wednesday.  Then we've spent a few evenings this week at the botanical gardens.  The kids are just fun to take places right now.  Except restaurants.  Bennett stinks at restaurants.

At gymnastics the other night, another mom I'm getting to know asked, "You are planning on a fourth?"  (very unusual to have more than two around here.)  But she said it more like a statement and I agreed.  She paused, then said, "You really love it, huh."  Yes!  I really, really do.  They make me crazy and distracted and I feel I will never catch up, but it is a good, happy, busy life.


Natalie said...

Congrats on your race-- that is awesome! Love the pictures!

Danette said...

You are a rock star!! I knew you could do it and I am so happy to see that you have and you ran fast too! I know what you mean about the training it takes time but now you can run when you have the time and don't stop all together like I ave one several times...I stinks starting back up! You look great, as always!

The Hodsons said...

Congratulations on your first half! You and your family are darling. I can't believe how much baby Bennett has grown into...not so much a baby. Motherhood is wonderful and I'm glad you are enjoying it :) Love ya!

vonFRINKenhagen said...

Congrats on the race! I completed my first this past March...15 days before I turned 30. Not near as fast as you did, though. Cross that off the bucket list.

Nicole said...

I'm so happy you're happy! Really - there is so much about this time of life that is pure joy. :)

Except restaurants with toddlers INDEED.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

You are amazing! Seriously, killer time, killer bod (woo!), killer mom. You're awesome.

I am so in love with Bennett. Can he come hang with us for a while?

Jennie and Devin said...

Way to go Ashley!! And what a great time!! I am impressed! Josh is flying in tomorrow for us to run one on Saturday...your time is going to motivated me :)

Bobby said...

I still can't believe you never told me you were going to do that. Stinker! Amazing accomplishment. I'm so glad you got to finish too. And next time I see you remind me to slap your pretty face for ever complaining about your body. You have a rockin' body! So tiny! Also, I think have those same sunglasses. Love you and miss you and I can't wait for March.
okay, a slap sounds harsh. I'd say we're good with the public verbal spanking I just delivered.

Katherine said...

uh oh- whoops! That was Katherine, NOT BOBBY.

Ashley said...

I like reading that in Bobby's voice...

Corie said...

Go, Ashley! That is awesome. I get into running sporadically - I'll love it, then ditch it, then love it again. Looking at those pictures of you all fit and happy made me remember that I need to get back into the "love it" phase of running. :) You and your family are beautiful. I hope all is well with the Paces.