Thursday, September 6, 2012

Make a Good Impression!

Man, the camera loves that face!  Errr...I should keep the bragging to a minimum.  I imagine there are two people interested in hearing me go on and on about her.  Will try; this girl has been rockin' my socks lately!
So...first grade.  Her first day went well.  We pulled up and the sidewalk was lined with balloons and the kids walked up a red carpet with the paparazzi taking pictures as they went.  Her kindergarten teacher nominated her for a gifted & talented program and she and her best friend got in.  (Sidenote, I have issues with gifted and talented programs.  Especially in kindergarten.  You can tell at age 4 who's going to make it in life?!  A soapbox discussion for another day.)  But...the school is even further than the one I sent her to last year.  I hope we made the right choice for her.  We eventually found her classroom and she is sitting right next to her bestie--perfect! 
Some funny things about this week:
*We were snuggling in bed and chatting about the day.  She said, "You know, first grade is a lot more work.  *sigh*  It'll make my life better."
*Despite my hesitation, they persuaded me to place her in a more accelerated split 1st/2nd grade class.  I was chatting with her teacher about it and asked what we could be working on now, since she wasn't in the program last year.  Ms. D said the biggest thing she notices for kids coming in for the first time are issues with time and money.  I laughed and told her that it took me a LONG time to figure out the clock in elementary school.  Justin would say I still have issues.  She said, "For this week, just worry about the short hand.  So if it's pointing at the three..."  She paused and I said, "Oh, like 15 minutes...."  She said, ", like 3 o'clock.  The short the hour hand." 
Oh.  My.  Word.  I laughed so hard right there; nice one, Mom.  Good luck, kid!  The odds may be stacked against you.
*I've been relinquishing control over her wardrobe big time this summer.  For her 3rd day of school, I casually asked if she wanted to wear this outfit (my favorite one!  the one she's wearing in the pics).  She said, "Yeah!  Mom, you pick the cutest clothes!"  Yesssss!!  I've found the secret weapon.  When she tried it on at the store, I could see her critically eyeing the detail around the neckline.  I interrupted her thoughts and said, "Oh...Abbey.  Aunt Allison would love that one."  Sold.


Nicole said...

What's a blog for if not to brag a little? She looks so confident and adorable - I love it. :)

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Aww.. Aunt Allison DOES love that one. And also, this story made me melt, so Aunt Allison is basically a puddle on the ground now.

I misunderstood the concept of 1st graders having issues with time and money. I thought, "well, sure - don't we all? but what shame to be burdened with that so young..."

And Uncle Noah's reaction was, "of course! they're young, so their time management is gonna suck. and who trusts first graders with money?"