Monday, August 29, 2011

Bob It


because someone got a haircut from her sister first!


It could have been worse, but luckily Sophie (Katherine's much more obedient child) came down and asked if she could have a haircut, too. Ha ha, oh man.

After surveying the damage, I thought about leaving it and just pulling it up in little ponytails until it grew a year. I did love those golden locks. But I really love short haircuts and that chunk taken out of the back was the reason to do it.

Abbey had to earn the money for the haircut. But she still insists it was a good idea and she liked it. As it turns out, she cut her own bangs as well, and it does look cute. Nobody tell her that! Later that week, Hayden wanted to pretend to cut Abbey's hair. Abbey asked her how old she was and Hayden answered, eight. Then Abbey said, "Oh, sorry, you have to be nine to cut hair." I flipped around and said, "No! You have to go to school. Ok? Nobody cuts hair until you go to beauty school!"



melissa said...

So, so cute! I have a picture of Chloe sitting on our blue chair after her short haircut. Memories . . . Harrison once cut Chloe's hair on Mother's Day. That was the last time anyone cut their sibling's hair at our house. They rue the day.

allyn said...

ohhhhh the shock of the first cutting of the hair. lilja's hair was short much of her toddlerhood b/c her older sister gave herself and lilja a "trim"
she is still beautiful. those lovely curls were beautiful. good thing you got those awesome pictures of them before the massacre.

Becca said...

I do believe my brother gave me a haircut when I was about that age. Kenny Johnson gave me a haircut, too. But that was in 7th grade. He was sitting behind me in German class. He knew better.

Natalie said...

We did that last year at our house--Max cut Jonnie's. Sounds like you handled it MUCH better than I did. Love the bob!

Laura G said...

Too cute Ash!!! I love it!!!

rebecca said...

I'm still laughing about Sophie coming and asking if she could have a haircut too:) That's too funny! She's a cute little pixie:)