Saturday, May 7, 2011

Since You've Been Home


Our first few days home were...emotional. Luckily, by kid three, Justin and I expected the tears and laughed through each episode. It's ridiculous, really. All I'd have to say to start a crying meltdown was, "I feel like...." even if it was just to say, "I feel like nachos tonight" or "I feel like it would be faster to get on the freeway". Just starting a sentence with 'i feel' was enough. J thought it was hilarious, which would start me laughing, and we got through it.

Enough about me, how's the baby? That little man! (seriously, he kinda looks like a little old man) He makes me want to have more!! He's what my brother-in-law, Jer, would call, 'The Trick'. You know, the easy baby that tricks you into having another :)

This is the little worried face I see on Bennett so often these days. I'd look like that too if my big sister (HAYDEN!!) was silently and sneakily trying to cut off my air supply every day.


The next two pictures are from the rainy afternoon we brought Bennett home.



She figured out right away the joy of snuggling a newborn and enjoying a show. This is a whole new experience--having a baby and a sibling old enough to hold him for a time. Now if I could just get my hands on an eight year old....

Perfect! My sister, Koryn, flew out for a week with her daughter, Whitney.
This picture cracks me up: Whitney navigating the capriciousness of the two-year old and Abbey sulking in the background.


My beautiful sister is the greatest; the greatest conversationalist, the greatest cook, the greatest baby snuggler. I mentioned something on facebook about her being in town and my cousin, Jen, wrote, "You got Koryn?!" Yes. Yes, I got Koryn. :) I started feeling down days before she left, just knowing the visit was coming to an end. Thank you, thank you Koryn!! Now come back :)



Did you know it's taken me a week and a half to do this post? I kept wondering why I can't express my thoughts at all right now. I wanted to jot down what life has been like the past few weeks and I can't. Because time right now is in little chunks, small bits of time in between interruptions and satisfying demands, especially since the accident. My mind is a bit off. In fact, two of the last three shirts I've worn were inside out all day.

But some quick things I want to remember:

--Abbey giving Bennett hugs and kisses every morning and predictably saying, "Mom! Isn't he the cutest baby you ever had?"

--J showing the girls clips of the Royal Wedding and all the questions that came with it: "Is she a real princess?" "Can she talk?" " there a witch?"


--Resting Bennett's head in the crook of my neck while I read or watch a show. He fits so perfectly right now.

--Him falling asleep in about two seconds if I put him in a baby sling and carry him around the house.


--Oh. That face.

--The girls clinging to me just a moment longer than usual when we hug.

--Hayden thinking I feed Bennett through my bicep and insisting she can help out and feed him with her arm as well.


--Overhearing J tell someone why we named him Bennett. According to him, we named him after a sweet old man he used to visit and play checkers with at a nursing home he went to weekly in college. What?!

--Feeling a lot of love from and for my awesome husband. You don't realize how much someone does around the house until you are frantically trying to cover their responsibilities. It's hard for me to see him in pain and it's hard for him to see me...crazy. At the end of the day, we almost simultaneously say, "I'm so sorry, that was a hard day, are you ok?" Man, I love that man.


val said...

Oh those fresh home from the hospital days..and the roller coaster afterwards. I've been thinking about you. What darling photos and great tidbits you got written down to always remember. Hooray for sisters and good husbands!

allyn said...

amen to everything you said. he is adorable. i can't believe you got koryn AND whitney. they are both super helpful.

i don't know if this is purely coincidental, just the other day i was trying to fashion a pattern to knit a diaper cover like the one bennett is wearing. where did you get that pattern, or did you make it up? and do you think i could convert it to knit. your pictures are awesome. he looks like a very cooperative child.

hope things are going smoothly.

Laura G said...

Ash, you are so wonderful at expressing yourself through words. Your picture taking skills are out of this world and Bennett is sure precious!!!! Your family is so darling. Love you!

Jamie said...

It was so good to see you today! If you ever need a 'pinch sitter' for the girls let me know!

Katherine said...

is that the blanket you crocheted?? I love it so much. It is AWESOME. I love this post. Especially the last paragraph. Very sweet. Bobby said we might be able to get together for that little trip you were talking about. I'll call you in the morning.

Ginnie Kim said...

Congratulations, Ashley!!! He is BEAUTIFUL!! Followin' in that Furniss line..... I bet Collin is going to FREAK when he sees his new nephew!! :)

Andi said...

Ashley I wish we were neighbors.
Congrats on your beautiful Bennett.
I had to read your paragraph out loud to Scott so he could hear I'm not the only one who cries like a crazy woman the week after delivery. Good times.

The Hodsons said...

These are some beautiful pictures...and one gorgeous babe too!! So glad you got to have some sister time too. It sounds like it was just what you needed. I hate that you live so far away. There are days that I have where I sure do miss the company of my HS friends.

Alisa and Crowells said...

Oh his little face, I just want to cuddle sweet Bennett. I was almost in tears reading this post...I feel like I'm still emotionally vulnerable--especially at the end of the day, and I only have two kids. :) How sweet of you two to apologize to each other at the end of the day.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad (and you will be so glad) you're doing posts and pictures and writing down the little moments. My boys are 4 1/2 months old and I find myself looking at those pictures from a few short months ago and not remembering stuff I thought I would always remember. I'm so glad you got Koryn! And Whitney! I'd pay good money to have a 9 year-old at my house full-time right now. :) Everyone looks so beautiful and happy - like I said, I'm so glad you're posting.

And of course your husband is in a cast. :(

Victoria Gilbert said...

Ashley!!! I hadn't seen the blanket or little hat and unders you made for Bennett! Beautiful. You must teach me! And gorgeous pictures too, of course! He is one lucky guy to be a part of your family!

Erica said...

Wow! That's a lot too handle in the first few weeks of 3 kids! I love love that last picture, I just want to eat him up:)

Melissa and Justin said...

Congratulations, your little family is just to cute.

Alia Dalwai said...


Nice blog! Love ur kids! :)
Keep up the good work!

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Tiff and Trev said...

Sheesh...where have I been?! I swear it didn't update on my blog that you had posted. It also didn't post when you had your baby, either. Seriously- I've been in the dark!

I love, love, LOVE your boy! What a babe!! We need to talk! Have you been a little crazy with three?? I hope it hasn't felt like FOUR with Justin's recent injury.

Well, a hundred Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family!! I'm missing you big time, especially since we're pretty much in the same boat...and we could be crazy mommies together :o).