Wednesday, April 27, 2011

His Baby Story


Even though I felt all along this boy would hold out a little longer than the girls, when it boiled down to it, I was surprised to go past my due date. My doctor scheduled an induction for the next week and assured me through my reluctance that if we waited beyond that, there would be other complications.

Tuesday night was uncomfortable. But by that point, most nights were uncomfortable. I had washed all our linens that evening, so thought I had exerted myself and that was it. But at 6:00 a.m. I got up to use the bathroom and was, uh....a little wet. Just enough to make me call triage but not enough to soak through to my bed, whew! Clean-up crisis averted. Justin was already at the hospital, so I gave him a call (and was given instructions to HUSTLE), then made the calls to arrange for the girls.

I think I was feeling about every emotion on the spectrum at that moment. Stress that my house was drowning in a sea of laundry, disappointed that I would be coming home to that, absolutely ecstatic that I got to experience this hectic morning and avoid the induction. Then as I drove myself into the hospital, all the nervous, excited, anxious feelings that come when you are in for such a big day.

The hospital was packed, delivery rooms were occupied, and after a few hours, they started preparing the triage room for the chance I might just deliver in there. Everyone was apologetic, but I was just thrilled I was getting the staff I wanted (we'd been checking out the call schedule for a few weeks!) My OB (who rarely delivers anymore, she just does prenatal and c-sections) happened to be there for a surgery and dropped in. I think she had something to do with getting me out of there and into a great room. At the time, I honestly didn't care, but it was nice to be out of that clinical triage room. Then she spent the afternoon in my room, waiting and chatting with us. It was so fun to have her there for the delivery.

As for the delivery, I'm not sure what to say and where the story crosses into too-much-info-for-a-blog-thanks! :) It was incredible, I loved it. So, sooo much work, but incredible. This hospital uses a significantly lower concentration of epidural drugs than I've had before and it made for a very cool experience. I felt present. I don't know how else to describe it. I loved experiencing delivery this way--a lot more sensation but never crossing into the realm of unbearable pain.


Then he was here. And as drained as I was after all that work.

Sadly, I don't recall my emotions at the time. I honestly think I was too tired to take note. His head had been a bit turned and the cord was wrapped and holding him back. Everyone in the room was making weight predictions of high eight or nine pounds by how long it was taking. The little seven and half pounder was just in there a little crooked :) But I do remember wanting him in my arms, wanting to look over every part of that little body. And not wanting anything to distract from those plans.


I let Justin take the lead on naming Bennett this time. I was pretty bossy about the other ones. We had some great friends in college (the Bennetts...obviously) who we just adored. It's been years since we've been able to see them, but Justin brought up the name again a few months ago. We would toss around other names, but both kept coming back to it. So Mr. Bennett it is!


Abbey fell in love right away. What a fun age for her to have a real, baby doll. She was looking at his fingers, noticed his hospital band and asked "How much did he cost?" I said, "I don't know, what does it say?" She rattled off the 15 digit code on the band--ha ha! Pretty pricey! Hayden was very curious about his toes and set to making sure all ten were accounted for.




My family circus :)

I think I'm one of the few people who never wants to leave the hospital. Time stands still and other life distractions are gone for a bit. We got home around lunch time and the kids were already a little off from having me gone for two days. Hayden spilled an entire glass of milk she insisted on having without a lid; J looked at me, my eyes started filling with tears, and I mouthed, "Take Me Back!" That's so funny to think of now that the hormones have calmed down! Maybe it is that I'm not expected to be back in the full swings of life quite yet, but things seem to be going just fine. I am loving this little boy and he is getting all the affection he can handle from this household of girls. Towards the end of the night, J will say, "OK, I'm taking my turn now, give me my son." Love this family we're starting.


rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures of your sweet family!!! Congratulations, Ashley and family! Boys are so much fun:)

Corie said...

Beautiful post. I'm so happy for you that you didn't have to be induced. It's wonderful when they come on their own, when they're good and ready. Bennett is absolutely perfect. He is beautiful, and I love his hair. I also love his name... It was on my list of boy names too! You look like you definitely have your hands full, but I'm glad that you seem to be handling things well. You are a veteran mom and can handle basically anything at this point, right? :) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Nothing like bringing another little person into a family of love, getting to know them and marveling at how much love one heart can hold. Congrats again!

jayne said...

I also never wanted to leave the hospital. I would've been happy staying until the new babe slept through the night. Or they were potty trained. Whichever came first.

Victoria Gilbert said...

So beautiful!!! I love your little guy... loved holding him today! New little babies are just so amazing to me. I like that time in the hospital too! It's a little bit of peace before the chaos commences! I have a breakdown promptly when I get home over something. Every. Time. lol :) 3 is a lot, but it also feels like your family is more complete... more whole. I love the crazy family circus. I think you will have a ton of fun this time around getting to do a bunch of new boy things :) love ya girl!!!

adam and erica said...

Sounds perfect! I loved my delivery with Wyatt so much too...even with all the pushing! I love the pictures of his sisters meeting him for the first time. What a cute family:) Hopefully I can meet him soon!

koryn said...

Awwww. I miss you all already! Rather than feeling like I am getting a glimpse of your life, I feel like I am adding all my moments with you to those pictures! Still not fair that you can look SO gorgeous after all that but you just seem to do it so easily! (Remember I know the dark side too :)Love you all!

Mark and Julie Ann Furniss said...

my beaautiful daughter with her beautiful family makes me realize that the love that is so deep in my soul all began with the word MOTHER..and that word makes all the difference in our life. Enjoy each moment even though they may range from exhausted to excited.

allyn said...

thank you for delivering on my request for beautiful pictures your beautiful baby. he really is sweet. and what is up with full on make-up and lipgloss in that picture of you holding mr. bennet? of course you are all made up after you delivered. you are a hero.
not that you and i are the same at all, but there are a few similarities: i drove myself to the hospital with #3, i had 2 girls before mr. adam, and he was a sweet sweet baby.
good luck juggling your circus and congratulations to all of you!

Alisa and Crowells said...

Oh, just look at this beautiful little boy! Now Ash, if you'll only share how you look so amazing after labor--I always look like a nightmare!
Such a sweet post. Sweet little family. Sweet little circus. :)

Nicole said...

Thank you for posting and telling the story of Bennett's arrival. He looks so sweet and peaceful. Not a cry baby. :) Congratulations!

Aubrey said...

Glad everything went well and he made it here safely. What a fun experience, huh! I can't believe how calm you sound when you say he was over his due date. I cant't imagine going over and being so calm. I couldn't hold Coleston inside any longer! Well I hope your family circus is as fun as mine:)! Your kiddos are all so cute!

Melody said...

Congratulations. What a gorgeous family!

Pattie said...

Lovely Lovely...everything about these past couple of posts...even the comments are great..congratulations on your new boy and your girl are just adorable..Good luck with the next several weeks..

val said...

been thinking of you.
LOVE this post.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

I love your family circus. It's been said, but it's worth repeating - hello gorgeous! Model woman!

germanjules said...

Ahhh, I love that line "give me my son" there is nothing better!

Barb said...

Ash you look AMAZING! So happy for your fam and your new lil man(: (wow what a poet). Hope you are juggling three the best you can. I'm right there with ya...wishing you the best.