Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Piling Up

What I should have been doing this morning:


What I did instead:


I also may have made her watch some Jon Stewart with me...as any good mother would.

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What the what?!? Is that my delightful friend, Jeffrey Stevens, serenading Bill O'Reilly in for an interview? Made my day. I may have ended up watching the entire episode, because, well, Jon Stewart can make me laugh to tears. Then back to the dollhouse. Now I'm blogging. The laundry is still sitting there. I need a push here, people!


Kyle and Shayla said...

Yay for Jeff!! I cannot believe him! That is so awesome! He is making quite the name for himself. Man, do I ever hear you on the laundry thing, mine looks the exact same!

Aubrey said...

Oh you always make my day! Well I did get my laundry done today, but I only have Teagan at home in the morning and he takes a nap. So for once in my life, my laundry got done today! But for you, enjoy the dollhouse and keep blogging:)

Tiff and Trev said...

I saw the clip last night, kind of fun to know a celebrity :o). And I unfortunately relate WAY to much with the laundry situation. Especially since Trevor has done maybe one load since we've been married? Anyway, on a side note, I can't believe how blonde AND long Hayden's hair is!! When did she become such a big girl?!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

now i adore you even more...
for two reasons:

1- you like jon stewart and well, i sort of adore him too!

2- you let your laundry take the backseat...laundry is my biggest domestic enemy...i think it's horrid.

ow cute is that doll house! and the lights! swoon.

The Hodsons said...

Love Jeff! He did great! And that whole laundry thing is a little over rated....well maybe not so over rated, but more like a necessary evil.

Corie said...

Good for you for ignoring those piles and enjoying yourself instead. I think moms should do that more often!

Laura G said...

Gosh, Hayden's hair is getting sooo long. Pretty pretty! Fun to see Jeff. He did so great! Hey at least you had it sorted. :)

Natalie said...

No push from me..... enjoy!