Monday, December 21, 2009

Beginning To Look A Little Like Christmas


The girls and I are working on some Christmas cheer around here.

Who loves helping mom?


And who's here for the sugar?


Showing off their masterpieces:


I wanted to come up with a gift for Abbey's friends that she could actually help me make. Ashley from lil blue boo came through again (I love her blog!) We made almost 40 bean bags for Abs' buddies out of fabric scraps and food storage :)


Now off to bake/wrap/snuggle/deliver/sew/assemble some more Christmas goodness. This holiday is a lot of work!

(random pictures; i just can't get enough of this mug)



Ashley said...

OMG!! So cute! 40!? That is a ton! I love the double stitching you did. Thanks so much for linking ;) Great photos of the kiddos as always....still working on my photography....but is it still looking the same....

Nicole said...

Finally! A use for all those beans in food storage. What a cute idea. Love Hayden's two bottom teeth :).

Allison and Noah Riley said...

And once again, your craftiness puts me to shame.

I had to wrap a present the other day and realized I don't have these things - that's what mom's house is for. It was late at night on Saturday and I needed the gift for the next morning, so I cut up a gift bag and used the handles for the ribbon. It was... pathetic. You would have been embarrassed for me. It made me pine for your lovely gift wrapping skills.

Mom said...

Sounds pretty creative to me, Allison. Remember when Makenzie was about eight and made everyone split-pea bags? Her friend's family food storage was out of beans.:) What a great idea, not only to use up the scraps, but something a three-year old can actually help with.

Tearsa said...

What a cute idea! You are so creative and talented. Wish we were friends with Abbey :)

The Hodsons said...

Such a great idea! As always your girl's are just gorgeous. Have a Merry Christmas :) Love, Sara.