Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Summer Post


The sun peeked out the last three days and we've been taking full advantage. Thursday, I was in need of a Melody-pick-me-up. A failed plan to go to the splash pad was salvaged by an impromptu playdate in the talented and welcoming, Charyce's, backyard. I have a better idea of my dream yard than my dream home, and this is it! Thanks for letting us hang out, it was great to chat.


Friday, my adorable next-door neighbor invited me to another splash pad (they're all over out here!). My kids just wanted to eat the gummy snacks she brought along. Seriously. They ate the whole time.


And today, a friend down the street treated us to a day at the zoo. Can I tell you how much I love my neighborhood?

We randomly ran into these goons there :) :


I love that we bumped into them--especially since Melody saved me from a heart attack when she noticed Abbey wander away.

Abbey and Ms. Allie Raye could have sat here all day. Abbey and Allie clicked right away. The first time they met was at Allie's birthday party where Abbey was practically opening her presents and blowing out her candles. Good friends for me, good friends for my kids. I'm a happy lady.



Melissa said...

It sounds like this has been a really good move for you guys. I'm so glad! Residency can be rough, but if you have good friends, the time will fly by!

allyn said...

please don't tell me you found matching dresses for your girls at a yard sale.
as usual, your blog is candy to the eye. so beautiful.
have fun in your sun. we are kind of overloaded here. i love a nice overcast day this time of year.

The Hodsons said...

Sounds like you guys are fitting right's always nice to be surrounded by good friends. Your girls' dresses are adorable!! Did you sew them?

Ashley said...

Nope, not from a garage sale or from home. Old Navy :) A friend of mine sent them to the girls for their birthdays. I try not to dress them alike (scars from childhood or something like that) but they look SO stinking cute when I do, sometimes I can't help it.

DeGooyer Family said...

Great pictures! Hope you're doing OK.

Angie said...

You guys are always doing the funnest things. Abbey looks adorable in that dress too!

Ryan and Rikke said...

Your experience in Michigan looks so much better then my experience. Lucky! As usual, love the pics. And your little girls are so ridiculously adorable it seems unfair. Maybe one day I'll actually get to see them in person.

By the way, thanks for the comment on the blog. And don't be fooled - those happen to be the only two cute and stylish things I own. Everything else seems to look exactly the same. Maybe one of these days I'll actually learn how to dress myself and do my hair. Probably not but one can hope. And look who's talking? You always look super cute and stylish in your pictures!

Quote was from Talladega Nights. Have you seen it? So funny! Will Ferrel's first interview where he doesn't know what to do with his hands.

Sorry for the novel comment. Apparently I ramble, who knew?)

cacrowell said...

LOVE summer days! Okay the picture on the tire swing threw me into a little nostalgia for a minute--love it. Gummies all day long---LUCKY! How fun Abbey has a new friend already. You guys are all so easy-going and awesome yourselves--cool aquarium!!!

Justin and Melissa said...

Sounds like the area/people are treating you all well. Glad to hear all is good and the neighborhood is a good one.

Ghislaine said...

your girls are so cute! What a fun area you live in. It's great to have people around that have kids the same age! Playdates are great sanity savers!!

Tiff and Trev said...

Your girls are SO beautiful, Ashley! And they're growing up so fast? What happened to baby Hayden? She's such a big girl! And Abbey is the poster child for summer. They don't come much cuter than that!

Melody said...

seriously, you are magic behind that camera. How do you do it? Those tire swing shots are amazing! Thanks for shooting one of us at the zoo. Surprisingly, considering my boys non-cooperativeness, I still really like the shot. It captures the day really well. I'm so glad there are good friends in the neighborhood.

I was going to see if we could come see you today, but then our car broke down. It's been in the shop for two days. We test drove a few new ones, but we're still "playing the field". (aka. I'm noncommittal and terrified of spending money.:) )
Hope to see you soon!