Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'll Call Ya Lata On The Night

Justin has a lot of old friends that I just adore. Wil is one of the good ones. They were mission buddies in the Dominican Republic and this picture says it all:

Shoot! I can't find it in the dumping ground we call a storage room.

Anyway, Wil puts on a rebel front but he is a sweetheart (He'd be so mad if he knew I wrote that for all the internet world to see). He and his wife, Angie, are the most generous people I know. When we were engaged they asked if we needed anything for the house, like a TV, a DVD player, furniture. I thought they were kidding. I'll never forget them walking into our reception with nightstands. We still have them, they are beautiful. But most of all I love the effort they put in to staying in touch.

Wil had some business in Kansas City so drove over to see us for the weekend. Abbey wouldn't even look at him at first, but by the end of the night she was laughing, flirting, showing him her dance moves.
Wil turned my baby into a thug....


allegra said...

holy hannah, your thug baby is getting to be so big!

Bradshaw Family said...

I looked at your newer posts of the baby, and was showing Wil tonight for the first time, but I never went far enough back to see Wil. I love his long hair. We are growing it out again this year. We enjoy staying in touch with you guys as well, we just wish that we could see each other more often than every 5 years. Ha Ha