Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Do Your Own Thing, Kid



It just wasn't happening. Her pediatrician said she could skip crawling all together.




Full on, room-to-room crawling. That-a girl. Finally, my ten month old got it down. She is so entertained and enjoying the freedom.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doesn't Matter

It doesn't seem possible, but today was even worse than yesterday. My cousin had her camera and was able to catch the mood right after:

This is me. And I'm mad.

And Abbey is trying to look mad.

Our OTHER car broke down. And in a very inconvenient, scary place.

I have good friends. Good friends who have to bail me out a lot. Good friends who probably wish we would just buy new cars.

Today I grew weary of being poor.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Us

The luck o' the irish was not with the Paces today, my friends.


And I feel like I did my St Patrick's Day duty, what gives?! Saturday we got decked out and joined the throngs for the St Patrick's Day parade. An absolutely beautiful day. So maybe that's where the luck was used up.


what's up, fields


Abbey wasn't feeling it this year, so we had a poor showing in the bead department.


Yeah, you're not going to get the goods with a look like that on your face.
{She's not giving you the stink eye, her face is just like that.}

Then we even had an authentic Irish dinner. Feast your eyes on this:


Katherine and I wanted to do a St Patty's dinner together, but were trying to decide if it was worth the effort for her to bring down some kitchen gear. If you can believe it, my kitchen is a little less stocked than hers :) Trying to be helpful, I said "We don't have to do it, we can just dye some stuff green."

She just cleared her throat and moved on. Ha ha, we laughed about that all weekend when I brought it up later. "Am I that transparent?" Yes, yes you are. No green mashed potatoes at this meal, thankyouverymuch. I'm laughing now just remembering her reaction (or lack thereof).

As for today, that sneaky leprechaun must have kept my kids up all night (I'm talking 3-4 hours straight between the two of them) then messed with a belt in my car that may or may not have wreaked havoc on the rest of the goods-under-the-hood as it broke and began slamming against other things. My friend, Tina, came to rescue us and was literally feet away from getting slammed by a driver running a red light. My heart was pounding watching that, I'm so glad you're ok.

My cousin, Mewissa Wee, is in town and keeping my mind off the match. She graciously watched the kiddos so J and I could spend a night at the temple. So alls well that ends well. I'm glad St Patrick's Day Oh-Nine is over.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Did I Match?

The email we received 9 minutes ago:

"Congratulations! You have matched."

Well. Ok. Rather anticlimactic, but it's what we wanted to hear.
I decided not to post where we're headed next year and will try and email everyone instead. If I don't have your email (assuming you even care to know) leave me a comment.

Thursday cannot come soon enough.

Edit to add: Sorry, this isn't clear and I'm getting a lot of phone calls, ha ha! They tell you if you match on Monday but don't actually tell you where until Thursday. I know. Brutal.