Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Winter Must Haves

See? Chipper already.

Two things I would not want to live without right now: Abbey's buddies and our children's museum.



Throw Baker into the dance, and you have a party. I love when they see each other how they all start screaming, laughing, and usually running in circles. We had them all together for lunch yesterday and they get so loud and excited, you can't hear yourself think. They are two and the good times can only last for so many hours at a time, but Abbey loves her friends. She prays for them at night and asks about them if we drive near their homes.

(did you notice the baby? we like to keep it PC around here. she goes straight for that baby every time and is so alarmed if anyone else has him. it's been her baby for a year now.)

And the museum. We all have memberships and I go at least once a week. I love it there. One of my favorite parts is this fish pond. You catch a metal fish on your fishing pole with a magnet at the end. Then the kids walk across the room and drop it in the pond (that's what they are looking at above).


Then you can follow it on a plexi-glass covered stream as it 'swims' back home. Adorable.

So many things to explore. It's been so nice to have a place to go during the winter.



Friday, February 27, 2009

In a Funk

The girls in this house are all moody today.

This one got shots today, so she has a reason. Plus, being moody is pretty much baseline for her. We've been blaming it on teething for four months now.


Is it too early for Abbey to be hormonal?


I think it's two things for me. One, having very little, if any, 'me' time the last two months. Obviously I indulged and played in Photoshop today, but that left me feeling very guilty. It's a vicious cycle.

Then the stupid residency match. It's less than 3 weeks away, is becoming more real, and I just have to know, NOW. I've been so good up to this point, not letting myself think about it and dwell on it. And I actually don't have a preference on our top five picks--any of them would be fantastic for different reasons. But I just feel in limbo--are we staying, are we going, do I pack, do I find a renter?

There's my whining for the day. Come back tomorrow when we're more chipper. Or send chocolate. No don't, I'm on a diet and lack the self-control. Oh hello! Ding-ding-ding. I'm sure all this could boil down to that!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I bring you...

-the twirliest thing on two legs-


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Real World: Midwest

My life is a mess. We move from one mess to the next. And whatever I let them get away with to do 30 minutes of cleaning usually results in 20 more minutes of cleaning. I know it's nothing new. Every mom sings the same song. It just gets old sometimes.

I have no one to blame but myself for some of them. Like today. You'd think I'd learn not to put a heaving spoonfull of pureed squash in front of my baby's mouth as she's about to sneeze.



And in the background: Abbey's 'drawing' with oranges on the table.


When asked to stop she said,
"It makes me happy. Happy like a flower."
Can't argue with that. Draw on, child. I'll deal with it later.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life's Rosy

Tonight I walked into the girls' room and realized they blended into the wall.
Our house is exploding PINK!

I actually prefer to buy their clothes in any other color, but with two girlies, you just can't get away from it. The sweetest color, I think. That pink.





Friday, February 20, 2009

The Girl Can't Help It

she is so
D e L i C i o u S

today had a bit of a chill, but she was...




this girl is going to be eaten alive one of these days

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My One and Only

A few of the things I love about my love. It may be a bit biased. But it is my view, looking up at the pedastal:

I love that you are so easy going. It takes a lot to get you ruffled.

I love that you are totally and unapologetically devoted to your religion. I've never met someone who constantly thinks of missionary work, gets as excited to go to the temple, and is as pumped up about family history as you. I'm so glad our kids will see that commitment as they grow up.

I love your sense of humor. It's not the in-your-face, putting on a show, sort of humor. But every so often you pull out some quip that sends me rolling.


I love that it embarasses you when people find out how stinkin' smart you are :)

I love that I've been pleasantly surprised at the new things I've discovered about you along the way. Fantastic things I didn't know about you when we got married.

I love that you are not dramatic but willing to listen to me when I am. I love that I can come home and hash through conversations or family/friend relationships, you know, girl stuff. And you always listen and thoughtfully give your input. I LOVE that!


I love that people love you.

I love that you are dependable. You've been the go-to guy for so many people and are always willing to help. Sometimes this is a hard one for me to accept since it often takes you away, but I am so glad it is who you are.

I love that you always find me sexy. Even when I feel far from it.

I love that you cleaned the kitchen and got Abbey breakfast before you left this morning (before I was even awake...). Love you babe--love that you're mine.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh to be Two

I was getting the girls ready to go to our favorite children's museum and was running about the house grabbing all the ridiculous gear it takes for us to get out of the house. Abbey said "I gave one to Hayden!" and was acting pretty pleased with herself. What do you know. It was a tylenol! I'm glad I was paying attention and quickly got it out of her mouth before the coating even dissolved. These girls keep me hopping.

I was giving Abbey a scotch blessing (what DOES that mean?) and ended with "You never, ever, ever put things in Hayden's mouth. Do you understand?"

She said, "Yes, Mudder."
Total Attitude.


So off to the museum to meet up with Jeanine and Ellory. Had a lovely time. Skip forward to the drive home:

Abbey's upset about her socks and throws a shoe at Hayden. Then continues to scream that she doesn't know where the shoe is now. Oh...toddlers. Made out of pure sweetness, aren't they?

A few minutes later she says "I'm sorry, Hayden. I say, I'm sorry, ok?" I asked why she was apologizing and she said, "Because I want to." Ooohkay, Miss Attitude.

Me: I know, what did you do to her?
Abbey: Nothing.
Me: Did you throw a shoe at her?

a few seconds to reflect, then:

Abbey: "....Hayden!! You know where my shoe is!"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Interesting tag from Nicole:

1. Go to my documents/pictures.
2. Go to my 6th file folder.
3. Go to my 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same.

And here it is in all its blurry greatness:

And the story. This was the White Coat Ceremony the week Justin started medical school. I remember wondering if that fella in the middle would ever put his arms down (think--fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coooat). I remember feeling very alone in that auditorium. Most people had family there to support them. And it seemed most people had found a friend or two they already clicked with. I remember thinking 'This is going to be a long, lonely road.'

The next little while was hard. J was off to conquer the world and I was stuck in a tiny town with seemingly no opportunities. I walked away from that town completely fulfilled. And it taught me a great lesson--there are good people wherever you go. There are good things to find wherever you are. I honestly feel like I can make any place work for us.

I can't believe in three short months we'll be back in that auditorium. What a road.

So who wants to do the 'devil's tag' (I'm supposed to tag 6 people). Tristie? Tina? Katherine? Val? Allison? Mel? Heather? Any takers?

Risky Business

Hey, if a cute boy told me I'd look good with diaper cream in my hair, I'd consider it too! We were all laughing too hard to give much of a scolding, so it'll probably happen again.

This reminded me of another funny time walking in on Abbey and her friends. This one is with her little friend, Baker. The adults were playing games for a while and when I went to check on them, I found this:

Sunday, February 1, 2009


my favorite day with my favorite people